Solution To Various Msn Email Issues Prescribed By Support Experts

MSN is one of the widely used email account with top most email management and account security features. Enhance the email security settings and also protect the account from spam emails by blocking emails. Microsoft Network user can create separate folder in the email account and one can sync the MSN contacts with other contacts. Msn emails can be accessed through various devices through proper email synchronization.

Now there are occasions when the Msn email user might face various email account issues. Some of the email troubles are discussed in this article with proper troubleshooting steps. Also one can contact Msn technical support to get solution for the advanced email account troubles. Msn Email Issues

How To Block Email Sender In Msn Account?

Here are the steps to block specific sender from sending emails in the MSN account-

  • Open MSN account and click on ‘Help & Settings’.
  • Now click on ‘Settings’ and in the left panel click on ‘Email’.
  • Next click on ‘Junk E-Mail Guard’ followed by ‘Blocked sender list’.
  • In the ‘E-mail addresses’ box enter the sender’s email address to be blocked.
  • Click on ‘Add’ and then ‘Save Changes’.

Dial Msn customer support phone number to contact the email expert to know more about how to block email addresses. Support team provides best steps to block email address in the email account.

How To Fix The Locked Msn Account?

MSN account can be blocked due to various reasons and one of the major reason can be due to any security issue. To know about the reasons for Msn account blockage contact the Msn customer support team. At times blocked account can be recovered through password reset also.

Here are the steps to reset Msn account password –

  • Open the Msn login page and click on  Can’t access your account?’.
  • Give the reason for password change and click ‘Next’.
  • Enter the Msn ID and also enter the characters correctly in the box. Click on ‘Next’ to move forward.
  • Select a process from alternate email address or phone number to recover the verification code. Click ‘Next’.
  • Once the code is recovered enter that code in the given text box to have access to the password reset page.
  • Enter new password for the Msn email account and save the changes.

If the user don’t have access any of the verification options then user can answer security or account related questions to prove the user authenticity. Also dial Msn tech support number in case of any problem in resetting the account password. Discuss the account block issue with the support experts and get the best solution for unblocking the Msn account.

How To Fix Msn Email Receiving Or Sending Issue?

MSN user not able to send or receive email is one of the common problems faced by the user. Try out these troubleshooting steps to fix the issue –

  • Try alternate browser to access the email account in case user is not able to access the Msn account. Also delete the history details from the browser and then access the Msn emails.
  • Disable the extensions or firewalls and then try accessing the Msn account.
  • Check the MSN email server settings and see if the settings are done correctly.
  • Finally if nothing is solving the problem then dial Msn technical support phone number to get the best troubleshooting steps.